Keep your data SAFE!


Unfortunately in many cases we only realize about the importance of keeping our data safe when something bad has succeed to¬†our computer ūüė¶

I have spent many months thinking about which could be the best not only to back up all my computer data (1¬†Tb), but also to synchronize in other devices such as tablets or other computers …

Firstly, I am a Linux, windows and IOs user so¬†I need a multi-platform solution. Secondly, I usually work with my laptop, so I was looking for some remote or cloud storage solution to run my back up authomatically…and thirdly I have a lot of data to storage (1 Tb).

Here, I write a little bit about my experience, the ideas I had and in many cases the results I obtained. Please tell me the software you use in case you were very happy with it!

1) First I though (but I did not try) to buy a Rasberrypi and connect it to a typical 1 Tb portable hard disk. Then using the free software like owncloud convert it as a personal server to automatically synchronize my data. One of the advantages I saw from this solution is that you can transfer massively all your data by USB (faster than via wi-fi) and after that only update changes using a typical program to synchronize such as rsync. 

2) Buy a¬†personal commercial cloud storage (in my case WD my cloud 2Tb). ¬†Because I wasn’t sure if I would had been able to perform option 1, I decided to spend my money in a commercial personal cloud storage. First drawback I found was that¬†this device does not has a desktop program to¬†run under Linux platform, (only for Windows and Mac), but you can connect to the device via ftp, or smb protocol. However, it is incredible slow!! it is useful for sharing a film between your tablet, your smartv and your laptop, but for massive data is impossible!

So, in the end, I had a 2 TB device, and I only have nearly 20 GB used. always, when I have tried to transfer data (my home connection is 5Mb/s ‚ÜĎ)¬†¬†I become desperate.

In my opinion, they must add a USB connection to transfer big amount of data. (The device has a USB connection but only to extend the storage with other external hard disk).

3) Update my Dropbox free account to a professional 1TB account. For now, this has been the best solution. It is multi-platform, and I have all my devices totally synchronized. In addition, I always pause the synchronization when I am working and play it when I finish at the end of the day. So at this moment I have my entire disk clonned in the cloud. This is a very good solution if you work for example with your office computer, and when you arrive home you want continuing working  or check whatever from your office. Of course there is other  free ways to do it, such as remote desktop, but for me they are not so efficient. I have only been a pro-user for 2 moths but for now I am happy with the service.


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