Management usefull tools

Management section is dedicated to all these gadgets, software and applications that makes our life easier. Here I offer you a list of my essentials… I hope they ‘ll become as essential and useful  for you as they are for me.


This simple programe allows you to put sticky notes in your desktop. This application is open source, and offers you a wide range of colors, letter styles, size, transparency. It´s time to clean your office or study desk and start to be tidy!!


The  pitty is that it does not run under Linux system 😦


Google calendar!

I am two different persons before and after using google calendar. It is so useful! multiplatform!! You can always acces from any of your gadgets, mobile, computer, ipad… it does not matter. You can also create different calendars for job, personal events .. etc. In addition you can add an alarm system as for example an authomatic email to yourself or an emergent window that gives you a message.


I plan every sunday my enterely week plan so I can control myself if I am on time, or delayed..(never advanced 🙂 ) and count the hours I dedicate to each task. Important dates are always fixed and notted with the alarm system ON! It is fantastic!



This is my last discovered treasure. If you write your reports or papers in latex probably you use bibtex to reference your bibliography. But several times you need to work with ‘word’, and including  bibliography can become a very tediuos task. Medeley is an open free software to manage you bibliography. When you add a paper on  it, it is  authomatically detected, and all information such as authors, years, journal ..etc is identified. In case the system fails you can reedit the reference. When you have all your papers updated, you can install a plug-in in ‘word’ and  you wil have  full acces to your papers and bibliography.


It is very easy to intall, you only have to follow the steps indicated in the web site. It is worth dedicating few minutes to understand how it works, because it will save you a lot of time in the future!!





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